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Links to interesting sites.

Here are some links to a number of very interesting websites with related information and in-depth details about J.S. Bach, the Bach family, his biography, music listings, catalogues and more.


Xinh's JS Bach Index - A very good Bach website.

Dave's J.S. Bach Page - David J. Grossman's exceptional J.S. Bach website.

Dave's J.S. Bach Works Catalog Contents - More from David Grossman's site.

The J.S. Bach Home Page - Jan Hanford and Jan Koster's J.S. Bach site.

Complete Works - by BWV Number - Jan Hanford and Jan Koster's BWV catalogue list.

Jan Koster's J.S. Bach Archive and Bibliography - Jan Koster's J.S. Bach site, a complementary site to the Bach Home Page created by Jan Hanford and Jan Koster.

The Canons and Fugues of J.S. Bach - Timothy Smith's Sojurn website about J.S. Bach.

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More links to interesting sites.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - A veritable compendium of Bach history.

Bach Bibliography, A searchable resource by Yo Tomita - A comprehensive research publication on the internet.

Johann Sebastian Bach Midi Page - Website by Bruce Travis with information, midi and mp3 files on Johann Sebastian Bach. Downloadable information and music.

Johann Sebastian Bach Midi Page - Catalgues and critical editions - More from Bruce Travis. The standard Bach catalogue, BWV, a complete listing of Bach's works.

Bach at Classical.Net - The classical music internet source.

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