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to this website about J.S. Bach.

I want to welcome you to the site, an introduction to J.S. Bach. I am the creator and designer of this site, John Urban.

This site has been created for several reasons: I have a great love of classical music that I wish to share, I am very interested in the history of J.S. Bach's life and times, and, as a student at Oakton College, this website constitutes the realization of the prime project for the course in webpage construction - it has been a labor of love on many different levels.

I hope you find this site entertaining and enlightening. If you're only just interested in classical music, or if you are very knowledgeable - this site is for you! This site is not intended to be a complete compendium or compilation of all the works and music of J.S. Bach, but merely an interesting preview of his history and family. You'll find here a great deal of interesting information and informative details about Bach, his family, his music, and his life and times, I hope you enjoy your visit here, thanks. - John Urban

J.S. Bach, a legacy of music.

Johann Sebastian Bach is considered by many to have been the greatest composer in the history of western music. Bach's life was pivotal in the history of music, and his innovation and mastery of new musical concepts demonstrated the potential of musical invention for all generations to follow. J.S. Bach produced a seemingly endless stream of works, including "The Brandenburg Concertos," and over 220 cantatas, as well as hundreds of other pieces. He is often regarded as one of the pinnacle geniuses of western civilization, even by those who are not normally involved with music.

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Jan Koster, Professor of Linguistics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. (Email)
Jan Hanford, Fine Artist and Musician, San Francisco, California. (Email)
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