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"My home computer had a pesky virus for weeks, I couldn't get rid of it - the guy from CRS was able to fix it for good in less than a day - and he reconfigured my firewall at no charge. No troubles since - problem solved, thanks to Computer Repair Solutions!"
- Hamilton Sloan, Northside resident.
"I was ready to throw in the towel before I took my PC to CRS - the man there had a replacement board, and he got it up and running like new, overnight. These guys are great, I wish I'd found out about them long ago."
- Mort Zimmerman, Burlington resident.
"The tech operators from CRS increased the efficiency of our five servers by 200% after they finished the overhaul at our primary distribution center - then we signed up for a two-year maintenance consulting contract, and things have never been better!"
- Jack Smith, Midwest District Manager, Federal Parcel Services, Inc.
"You guys worked wonders on my PC. I made this up on my way home from the store:"
"My Computer Repair Solutions troubleshooting checklist."
  1. Check the connections on all cables and power cords.
  2. Read all 500 pages of the entire operating manual.
  3. Earn a degree in computer science.
  4. Skip steps two and three and go to Computer Repair Solutions.
- Nathan Tanesen, downtown resident.

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