Web design samples

Collected here are a variety of website and web page designs that I've created as exercises in the craft. These are experiments and practice with both aesthetic and practical solutions. (clicking on the links will open a new popup window)

Computer Repair Solutions

Computer Repair Solutions »

This website is a faux business website, a small local chain specific for a niche customer base. The color scheme and motif of the circuit board and gold surfaces is global. This website was an exercise in design continuity and formatting consistency.

Foundations of HTML and Webpage Design

Foundations of HTML and Webpage Design web page »

A design concept web page. Created to deal specifically with the design and construction issues involved with effective HTML document structure and semantic markup. The structural issues of the exercise are simply articulated and reflected with the content.

Today's Web Action website

Today's Web Action website »

This site was created as practice with a variety of styling solutions and effects. Styled formats include floated multiple columns and static columns. The third page uses a liquid faux column style, along with css-based tool-tip effects, and HTML5 webkit-transition effects.

JS Bach website

The J.S. Bach website »

Pure retro style. This site is exceptional because it is all manually coded HTML, created entirely with a text editor. Consequently, the styling is straight out of the 90's - well, that's how it all used to be done, and it shows. An exercise in HTML coding. Don't get the idea that I am a Bach expert from looking at the content - however, I really like classical music so collecting and editing the content was easy.

Albion Computer Components site

Albion Computer Components site »

This website represents a faux corporation as the subject. It was created to practice with a variety of creative formatting solutions. Some different pages have some different approaches and features: use of css3 multiple column formatting, basic HTML5 formatting, and a form with client-side validation features. This Albion design concept was the genesis of this website's current design.

NASA - Citizens in Space web page

NASA - Citizens in Space web page »

This web page is an exercise in formatting the HTML form structure and syntax - the form itself is non-operational as a server-side form. The html coding follows a very strict semantic structure for validation compliance. The content is just for laughs - enjoy.

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