JavaScript web page samples

The web pages linked here have examples of a variety of JavaScript functions and capabilities. The JavaScript scripting language is a versatile, adaptable and extremely powerful tool for web developers. I built these pages using an instructional textbook when I was taking a college level course in JavaScript, and although the foundation of each layout was provided with every tutorial, there are key elements of the coding that had to be deduced and devised by extrapolating the correct code solutions from the lessons involved. JavaScript coding can be unforgiving and difficult to work with and I'm very pleased with the results on these pages. (clicking on the links will open a new popup window)

These pages have JavaScript functions using web forms with event handlers, date and math objects, various operators and timed commands.
New Years Day Countdown Clock »
Timed Online Aptitude Exam »

The JavaScript code on this web page uses loops, arrays, document object methods, properties and styles to facilitate a tabbed menu navigation format.
Jackson Electronics Webpage with Tabbed Menu Navigation »

The pages here have different JavaScript functions incorporating web forms with form element extraction and data calculation, client-side validation, and code using regular expressions. (if you want to see the GPS-Ware page operate, try using Visa credit card # 4 12345 67890 12349)
GPS-Ware Sales Forms »
The Monroe Public Library Selection-list Link Navigation »

These web pages use JavaScript code that address event model issues with various events, objects and handlers - in particular, events with specified cursor and keyboard responses.
Kiddergarden Drag-and-Drop Jigsaw Puzzle »
Online Comment Box with Character Counter »

The web pages here have JavaScript that enable dynamic content and styles using a variety of methods to control nodes and element attributes and properties, and the application of recursive functions.
U.S. Constitution with Dynamic Table of Contents »
French to English Translation Web Page »

JavaScript is used on this web page to create an interactive image gallery and slide show with dynamic images with custom properties, a page overlay, rollover and transition effects, and time delayed commands with applied anonymous functions.
Hipparchus Image Gallery and Slide Show »

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