Thanks for visiting my website - I'm a freelance graphic artist living in the greater Chicago area. I've worked in the field of graphic arts doing one thing or another for my entire career. And now, naturally, I'm doing some website design and internet graphics.

About me

I have always worked in the field of graphic arts, I love this line of work. I began my career doing multi-color silkscreen graphics, and much later moved into color separation production with high-end scanners - I've always been very adept at working with color. From there I naturally migrated to the domain of digital systems and electronic desktop publishing production, and I have a very comprehensive background in, and great experience with, all the facets of print production and prepress operations. Over the past nine years I have been primarily involved with digital imaging production: retouching, sophisticated color correction and complex photo composition.

Integrity is important to me. With my talents I am very detail-oriented and quality-minded - from my experience I am expedient and decisive. I am always looking for a better way to do things, to make improvements. I can be a perfectionist, yet there are circumstances when I can be satisfied with results that are accomplished with a best effort. I love dealing with all the intricacies involved in the graphic arts profession - it's all like a great puzzle and, for me it's an opportunity to create great solutions.

About this website -

I am in the process of testing new design features and alternative functions for this site, so any feedback or comments would be appreciated. The site will be updated frequently, so come visit often.

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